venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

Wolfie Moonshadow in Concert

Alle 22.30 ITT - 1.30pm SLT Woolfie Moonshadow in Concerto....

Wolfie canta da poco tempo inworld, ma ha una lunga esperienza come cantante sia in RL che in altre piattaforme virtuali online.
Entrare in SL gli ha dato un’ulteriore possibilità di esibirsi dinanzi un pubblico su di un palco.
In Real Life canta da quando aveva 8 anni ed ha seguito e superato i corsi presso la”Royal Schools Of Music”. Si è esibito in vari club ed eventi fra Gibilterra, Spagna e Regno Unito vincendo anche numerosi premi.


Starting at 1.30pm SLT...whit Wolfie Moonshadow in Concert.....

is a singer/entertainer here in Second Life and although he has been a short time inworld, he's not new to singing. He says: "Entertaining is what I have always loved and coming to Second Life has given me the chance once again to be on stage. In Real Life I have been singing since I was 8 and have done my singing examinations through The Royal Schools Of Music. I have performed at various events/clubs in Gibraltar, Spain and UK. I have won various awards during the years, and now that I am in Second Life, I am looking at establishing myself as a legitimate performer here". Here's his website:

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