venerdì 30 settembre 2011

Nance Brody

Partiamo un po' tardi rispetto al solito, oggi, alle 23.00 ITT (14:00pm SLT), ma credo che ne valga la pena. Nance Brody è una cantautrice canadese che canta esclusivamente on line e che negli anni ha saputo conquistarsi una schiera nutrita di fans. Indifferente alle mode e ai consigli, la sua musica è un po' blues un po' root un po' rock.... insomma, più facile da ascoltare che da descrivere! 

Nance has been performing since the age of 13 and is a pioneer in the live online performing field, playing for audiences around the globe, broadcasting live, interactively over the internet since '99.
NANCE has a very unique style, her music is bluesy, rootsy and she can down right rock your socks off at times.  NANCE is courageous, sexy, and right out there, her love for music shines in her sultry voice, guitar playing and lyrics. She has made her audiences laugh, cry, smile, heal and ponder, she is loved dearly by many fans around the world.
Here is what NANCE says when asked about why she performs live online, " I have been asked many times throughout my online performing career, why I don't perform in the real world and my answer is always the same answer and that is, its not were my audience is, my fans are here, online, so why would I want to be anywhere else!

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